We are developing a modular family of “eCopters”, which consists of a cargo- and a single-& twin seat passenger version. The name “eCopter” results from the fact that, due to the coaxial drive train with two rotor propellers, it is by definition not a drone, but an electric helicopter (hence the name “eCopter”) and therefore existing EASA regulations such as the CS-27 and the CS-VLR can be used with regard to certification. This significantly simplifies and speeds up the certification process.

The different variants are titled by a combination of letters and numbers, which indicate the function, payload and type of powertrain. The designation for the cargo variant is C200B, the one- or two-seater passenger variant is P1B resp. P2B. The B at the end stands for the battery-electric powertrain, a hydrogen fuel cell variant which is also being prepared for later and will then be designated with an “H”.