LogisticsExecutiveTV: FlyNow – Revolutionizing Urban Air Mobility



Panel discussion with FlyNow Aviation CEO Jürgen Greil

Enabling Technologies for Urban Smart Mobility

20 Mar 2023, IEEE International Conference on Smart Mobility, Saudi Arabia



LEAP Presentation

Yvonne Winter, 6 Feb 2023



LEAP Pitch




Chat with Jürgen, Episode 4

About the Certification Process



Chat with Jürgen, Episode 3

A quick look at the electric motor (Compact Dynamics/Schaeffler)


Chat with Jürgen, Episode 2

Demonstrating the PAV



Chat with Jürgen, Episode 1

FlyNow Aviation: What is it all about?



Roger Atkins visits FlyNow Aviation



Presentation by Yvonne Winter



PAV – First Impressions



Matrix Charging



Assembly – Time Lapse