When it comes to safety – as is customary in commercial aviation anyway – we make no compromises whatsoever. That’s why all critical systems are redundant. Each rotor is driven by its own electric motor, which in turn consists of four independent units. In other words, a fourfold “safety net” against possible motor failure. Should one of the motor segments fail, it will be substituted by the three remaining ones and due to our coaxial concept of two counter rotating rotors, acting along one main center line, there would also be no change to the flight behavior. The eCopters are also optimally protected against collisions: should their flight path cross that of a rescue helicopter, for example, they simply remain stationary in the air for a moment. Larger birds usually take evasive action at the cruising speed of 130km/h, but are also detected by our sensor technology to be able to fly an evasive maneuver. In order to obtain certification, we have to (and can) demonstrate the same safety standard as is required in scheduled aviation, which is rightly considered the safest way to travel in general.