Partnership announcement – Sime Darby Motors

Sime Darby Motors Singapore and FlyNow Aviation have signed an MoU to advance Urban Air Mobility in Asia Pacific.

Sime Darby Motors Singapore has over 40 years of experience in the automotive industry in Singapore and currently represents BMW, Peugeot, Ford, BYD, Hertz and Thrifty.

FlyNow Aviation GmbH develops and produces an efficient, automatically flying, electric modular eVTOL (electrical take-off and landing) family consisting of cargo and personal air vehicles. These eVTOL’s are conceptually superior to all currently known developments of manned and unmanned eVTOL’s in the areas of noise emission, energy efficiency, ergonomics, production cost and cost of operation.

Sime Darby Motors Singapore and FlyNow Aviation both share the same vision to enable sustainable air mobility solutions for the masses.

Dr. Andreas Schaaf, former CEO Drive Now, CCO of BYTON and extensive OEM background about his intention of bringing together these two companies: “My experience with Sime Darby, their drive, their thrive for innovation and implementation strength and the unique approach of FlyNow and its experienced team led me to the conviction that bringing these companies together are a guarantee to enable 3D mobility.”

Sime Darby Motors

Partnership announcement – EVA

Due to its reliance on electric/hybrid propulsion, governments and enterprises consider UAM as a solution to growing problems such as, pollution and long travel time associated with road traffic congestion. With an increasing fleet of drones and e-VTOLs envisaged in the current and the next decade, various infrastructure like charging stations and Droneports/Vertiports need to be developed. This is what EVA does. Founded in 2017 by a former Tesla executive, EVA develops drone infrastructure for urban and non-urban areas to make the future of drone applications more sustainable, operational, secure and scalable.

EVA is specialized in building high throughput drone docking stations for healthcare logistics, disaster relief, and other UAV operations. Their comprehensive, performance-based vertiport design enables a faster turn around time and secure drone operation. EVA’s technology is designed to incorporate all sorts of future trends in mobility, connectivity and regulations, whilst benefitting from being modular and highly transportable.

Drones, as a subset of Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies, are poised to play a transformational role in this sector. Growth in the vertiports network and eVTOL fleets will drive demand for a skilled workforce in a variety of fields and functions. Together EVA and Flynow will work together for Standardisation of charging connectors. Standardisation would pave the way to increase the adoption of e-VTOLs across the world.